Which operating systems support the W/ARE technology?

W/ARE headsets are fully compatible with Windows 10, Mac OSX, and Linux systems, as well as Android and iOS mobile platforms. Updates are automatically downloaded and installed in the background using our dedicated backend servers and dream-to-dream version synchronization system.

Is W/ARE user friendly for inexperienced players?

All W/ARE headsets include a dream guide support avatar, allowing for software troubleshooting and automatic repairs while you are in-dream. This system also provides information and tutorials for headset usage for new users. We want all of our customers and clients to have the highest-quality experience possible; and offer on-call assistance and educational resources for the W/ARE software suite.

Which kind of support can be expected as an indie developer?

Along with our software-integrated help tools: Our support staff are on-call at all times for your convenience. Your purchase of the W/ARE headset includes 24/7 in-dream and online assistance, provided by trusted industry professionals. Since the launch of W/ARE’s beta phase: We’ve built a team consisting of hundreds of technicians located in all major time zones, providing individualized support to users all over the world. We ensure a smooth and high-quality customer service experience.

What happens if a dream is interrupted? Is there a ‘save’ feature?

In the case of user headset malfunction or intense network latency: W/ARE provides a free off-site memory backup service guaranteed to be protected from government interference, allowing for uninterrupted and private dream sessions during times of high local network congestion. This service also acts as an unlimited cloud save service for your favorite applications; ensuring that you will never lose your valuable time!

What kind of warranty is offered with W/ARE products?

3 years of free full-service hardware warranty are included with your purchase or extended lease of our products, with additional warranty options offered at checkout. Further extensions on warranties and corporate plans can be discussed with our support staff.