The virtual experience

W/ARE is the most powerful and technologically advanced headset on the market.

Using state-of-the-art lucid dreaming induction and high-bandwidth data processing hardware; you can use your compatible personal computer or smartphone to have the virtual experience of a lifetime, in only half the time!

Our headset’s safe and patented EEG and tACS systems induce a combined REM and NREM sleep cycle, automatically adjusting to the processing needs of your favorite experiences. This removes the need for user-maintained high-end hardware, helping everyone to afford to experience a truly real neural-rendered environment.

If you are interested in productivity: W/ARE also supports a wide range of industry-standard office and creative applications! We’ve partnered with <CORRUPTED> and <CORRUPTED> to bring you the latest <CORRUPTED> and <CORRUPTED>. Use your own virtual office space to be more productive than ever before, and feel rested at the end of the worknight!

The W/ARE headset includes all of the necessary hardware to get started, and is bundled with the default “Baku Studio” virtual environment, which reflects your ideal personal workspace based on your detected personality archetype. The system uses two standard USB Type-C cables for initial setup, but can be used wirelessly after calibrating the headset, installing the W/ARE software suite for the first time, and preparing an off-site synchronized personality and memory backup. All compatible games and software are available at a discount to legacy users and include immersive Dreamscape tutorials for new users to enjoy. We offer competitive pricing, simple installment plans, and free ad-supported options for all of our customers!

Easy and safe dream induction

Stimulating the Frontal and Temporal lobe of the brain using low-frequency signals: Our headset drops you into your own personal virtual space by using the brain’s natural processing power to generate cutting-edge 3d graphics in real time. This process puts you into a deep sleep while keeping you conscious of your actions, allowing you to act freely within the Dreamscape.

More real than real

Using the practical computational processing power of the human brain: Play in the most realistic virtual worlds possible! Our algorithms convert once-complex graphical processing microcode into mind-readable processes, unlocking your brain’s creative potential. Whether you are playing alone in an exciting single-player experience, or enjoying a real Massively-Multiplayer Online Game with friends: Every texture, sound, smell, and taste will be true to life. The W/ARE system is a mirror into the soul of humanity.

A true social experience

Meet up with friends and colleagues in-dream! Whether fighting to save a mystical realm, commanding a starship in a far-off galaxy, or simply meeting new people: W/ARE’s social experiences are filled with ways to interact with other users. Dedicated social servers let you and your friends have a night on the town on your own terms, or let a friend drop by your studio for a private chat. Tailor your Dreamscape to your preferences and meet new people from across the globe.

Be more productive

Many companies are starting to encourage their workers to make the most of their time, all the time. Become the talk of the office by finishing more projects on time or learning a new skill overnight! Our application suites include popular workplace productivity tools, e-learning classes, and collaborative Dreamscapes to bring your projects to the next level. We guarantee that you’ll get the best sleep of your life, cut down on crunch-time, and have fun doing it!

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